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IHTEC founders Eric Foster, Julia Morton-Marr and Michael Wheeler at the presentation of the YMCA Peace Medal.
YMCA Peace Medallion awarded to IHTEC in Mississauga Ontario.

IHTEC founding President Julia Morton-Marr included in the group of 1000 Peace Women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.Dame Julia Morton-Marr DStG inducted into the Knightly Order of St. George.Insignia/badge for Dames of the Order of St. George (DStG).
Awards Received
Internet Conferencing and Student Mentoring
Julia Morton-Marr viewing a presentation from the University Laboratory School in Honolulu Hawaii.
Dedicating a new School Peace Garden in Mexico.Co-ordinating School Peace Garden projects with Andrea Mendez Brandam in Buenos Aires Argentina.From studios in Buenos Aires, Andrea Mendez Brandam promotes School Peace Gardens to radio audiences in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.Brandon Gallant representing IHTEC at the United Nations in New York.Brandon, Fatima, and Edona join Julia for a video conference between Ryerson University in Toronto and the Old Dominion University in Virginia.
International School Peace Gardens in Canada
1993 - Julia Morton-Marr (left)  with some of the children involved in the creation of a Peace Garden at St. Peter's Erindale Anglican Church in Mississauga Ontario.  This Peace Garden would become one of the key events leading to the creation of the International School Peace Garden program.The first International School Peace Garden was dedicated at West Humber Collegiate in Toronto in 1993.The 'Path of Peace' at West Humber Collegiate.The creation of a School Peace Garden can have a dramatic effect on the landscaping around a school.  This is the 'before' picture at Knoxville Public School in Nepean Ontario in 1993.This is how the same area of the Knoxville Public School in Nepean Ontario appeared 'after' the completion of the Peace Garden in 1993.Students at Johnsview Public School in Thornhill Ontario prepared individual ideas for the plan for their garden.  Marshall Macklin Monaghan Ltd. took these ideas and donated a formal plan for the site.As part of the planning, students at Johnsview Public School prepared a model of their future Peace Garden.  The planning stage of a garden should involve all the students.A view of the Johnsview Village Public School Peace Garden  in Thornhill Ontario (1995).Students at the Johnsville Public School played the ukulele at their dedication ceremony.  Many schools use their gardens as outdoor classrooms or for special events such as concerts.Dedicating a Peace Garden at the original Christ the King school in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1995.This plaque was placed on the Friendship Bench at the first Christ the King Peace Garden in 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.  A second Peace Garden was created in 1998 when the school moved to a new location in Whitehorse.St. Agnes School in Chatham Ontario included a 'cultural bridge' as part of their 'path of peace' in their garden.  The ISPG program was introduced to St. Agnes in 1995.International School Peace Garden founders Julia Morton-Marr and Eric Foster take part in the dedication of the St Agnes School Peace Garden in 1995.We encourage the inclusion of 'Friendship Benches' in School Peace Gardens.  These benches are at St. Agnes in Chatham.The pond at the St. Agnes Peace Garden  in Chatham Ontario.St. Agnes students also experimented with the use of solar energy to power a small fountain.The totem pole at St. Agnes in Chatham Ontario.  In 2000, St. Agnes teachers Larry Kearns and Jeff Young won the 'TVOntario Teacher of the Year' award for their work with International School Peace Gardens.ISPG President Julia Morton-Marr joins students and staff of the Bobcaygeon Public School at the front entrance to their Peace Park in September 1998.This decorative ISPG 'logo rock' (courtesy of Allograph) was displayed in the Ontario Parks Association display at Canada Blooms in Toronto, March, 1998.  In 2016 the 'rock' was installed as a monument to the first ISPG Peace Tree at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Mississauga Ontario.ISPG President Julia Morton-Marr meets with students at the new Christ the King School in Whitehorse, Yukon. (1998)Julia Morton-Marr presents an ISPG pin in front of the new Christ the King School in Whitehorse.  This was the second Peace Garden for this school.  The first garden was at a previous building in downtown Whitehorse.This spectacular mural is now painted on the wall adjacent to the original School Peace Garden site in downtown Whitehorse.  (Photo 2001)In 1998 Julia Morton-Marr assisted with the planting of the Peace Garden in the Georgina Community Garden in Keswick Ontario.  The event was organized by the Peacemakers Club of Georgina.ISPG President Julia Morton-Marr discusses ISPG with Karen Kraft Sloan (MP York North) Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, at the Georgina Community Peace Garden in Keswick.Students gathered for the 1998  dedication of the Stephen Saywell School Peace Garden in Oshawa Ontario.International School Peace Gardens was proud to be part of the 1999 Canada Day Parade of Lights at the Toronto waterfront.   Participating children on the boat received the Commodore's Award for their enthusiasm, and ISPG won the First Place award in the 'Flag Boat' category.A Peace Garden dedication ceremony at the Queenston Public School in Mississauga Ontario in 1999.Julia Morton-Marr addresses the International Day of Peace audience in the Mississauga city council chambers, September 1999.Julia Morton-Marr addressing students at the Cadarackque Public School in Ajax Ontario in 2000. During this dedication students prepared messages of peace for students at schools in Jordan. Dedicating the Peace Garden at St. Francis of Assisi Separate School in Mississauga Ontario.The St Francis of Assisi plaque recognizes the support of local sponsors and supporters.  This is typical of the local assistance provided to many schools as they create their School Peace Garden program.Julia Morton-Marr presents the IHTEC Outstanding Service Award dedicated to Douglas Moore in 2001. The award was presented to his daughters, Kathleen and Meredith during the Peace Garden dedication at Queenston Drive Public School in Mississauga Ontario. Julia Morton-Marr prepares to address the 2001 Circumpolar Climate Change Summit and Exposition in Whitehorse, Yukon.Julia Morton-Marr presents the International School Peace Garden concept to students attending the Future Aces Workshop Conference in November 2004.International School Peace Garden Founding President Julia Morton-Marr presents the ISPG concept to Canadian Members of Parliament, Members of the Senate, and Parliamentary Librarians in Ottawa on March 8, 2006.The first step is to plan the garden.Involve as many students as possible in the construction phase.Building a Peace Garden pond.A. N. Meyers, Niagara Falls Ontario.Stamford, Niagara Falls Ontario.St. Pauls, Niagara Falls OntarioWestlane, Niagara Falls Ontario.Dorothea Sheasby, registrar for The Registry of World Citizens in Canada, presented the World Citizenship in Action award to IHTEC founder Julia Morton-Marr on September 21, 2016.The World Ctiizens in Action award was presented to Julia Morton-Marr at the World Citizens monument in Richard's Park, Mississauga Ontario.In December 2016, a commemorative monument to the first ISPG Peace Tree was installed at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Mississauga Ontario. The inscription reads: "St. Peter's Children's Peace Tree which began Julia Morton-Marr's worldwide International School Peace Gardens Program. Spring 1993"
International School Peace Gardens in Australia
Seat of Peace at Goolwa Primary School, South Australia.The dedicaton at Majura Primary School in Canberra was attended by a number of dignitaries representing the Ngunnawal people (traditional owners of the Majura 'land'), UNICEF, the Canadian High Commission, the  United Nations office in Canberra, and John Langmore - MP.Paul House, representing the Ngunnawal people, presented Majura Primary School (Canberra) with a traditional Ngunnawal bark painting during the Peace Garden dedication ceremony.Dedicating the Peace Garden at the Victor Harbor Primary School, South Australia.Dedicating the Peace Garden (1998) at the original Port Elliot Primary School, South Australia.Another view of the original dedication at the Port Elliot Primary School in 1998.Outdoor chess board at the new Port Elliot Primary School Peace Garden dedicated in 2010.School Peace Garden at Walford Anglican School for Girls in Hyde Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
International School Peace Gardens in Hawaii
Laboratory School, HonoluluHokulana Elementary, HonoluluDedication ceremony at Kamaile Elementary, Honolulu.Pre-school children and their mothers maintaining the sweet potato garden at  Kamaile Elementary, Honolulu.Studying the planting of native crops at the Kanu O Ka 'Aina school on the Big Island.
Developing vertical garden techniques in the greenhouse  at Kua O Ka La on the Big Island.Julia Morton-Marr working with a class at the Connections School in Hilo.ISPG founding President Julia Morton-Marr and PDK/Hawaii School Peace Gardens Chairman Aaron Levine meet with University Laboratory School students in Honolulu on September 14, 2012.  The University Laboratory School is now a Lighthouse School for the ISPG program.King William Lunalilo Elementary School principal Amy Kantrowitz addresses her students during the Peace Garden dedication on October 15, 2012.  Julia Morton-Marr (IHTEC/ISPG) and Aaron Levine (PDK/ISPG) participated in the dedication ceremony.Kalo Patch boxes at the entrance to the Lunalilo Peace Garden.  Note the Peace crafts hanging in the tree to the right.A close-up view of one of the Peace containers at the Lunalilo Peace Garden.Thousands of hand-made ceramic tiles were made by students at the Alvah Scott Elementary School in Aiea Hawaii.  The tiles were used to create the school's Serenity Garden. On October 15, 2012 IHTEC Founding President Julia Morton-Marr presented an ISPG certificate to Alvah Scott Elementary in recognition of the creation of their Serenity Garden.A close up view of some of the tiles used on the mural in the Serenity Garden at Alvah Scott Elementary.
International School Peace Gardens in Argentina
The first step in creating a School Peace Garden is to develop the plan.Students at the Escuela Superior de Comercio  #43 school in Argentina planting their garden.Students at Escuela Superior de Comercio  #43 preparing benches to be included in their garden.
International School Peace Gardens in Mexico

International School Peace Gardens in Lebanon

In 2001/2002 the International School Peace Gardens concept was introduced to the Antonine International School  in Al Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon by Laure Abou-Jaoude.
Sign at the entrance to the International School Peace Gardens 'Los Parques Escolares Por La Paz' in Puerto Morelos.
In November 1997 a palapa was opened in the Alfredo Borano's Botanical Gardens dedicated to to International School Peace Gardens/Los Parques Escolares Por La Paz project.Students attend a meeting in the ISPG palapa in 1997 - the world's first building dedicated to the goals of the International School Peace Gardens/Los Parques Escolares Por La Paz program.ISPG Founding President Julia Morton-Marr meets with the Mexican team responsible for Los Parques Escolares Por La Paz in November 1998.In 1998, ISPG representative Teresa Prieto and the Mexico-Canada Professional Group arranged for a Christmas card exchange between schools in Mexico and Canada.  These are two of 15,000 cards sent from Mexican students to IHTEC for distribution to Canadian schools.IHTEC founding President Julia Morton-Marr meets with Mexican officials during a visit to Quintana Roo in March 2000.In February 2006 IHTEC representative Teresa Prieto visited 12 schools in Mexico.  She planted Peace Trees at school dedication ceremonies in four different states.

International School Peace Gardens in New Zealand

On October 12, 2012, IHTEC founding President Julia Morton-Marr had the pleasure of meeting with Peace Foundation members Dr. John Hinchcliff, Roy Clements, and Caroline Ongleo in Auckland New Zealand.Julia Morton-Marr presents a Peace Garden Certificate to Roy Clements in recognition of the REAF (Refugee Education for Adults and Families) programme at Selwyn College.REAF program participants began construction of the Selwyn Peace Garden  in 2008.Some REAF participants enjoying the completed Peace Garden at Selwyn College.  Further information regarding this project can be found at www.selwyn.school.nz/WebSpace/3434/Auckland City Council funded the mural overlooking the Peace Garden.  The mural was created by staff and refugee students at Selwyn College.
International School Peace Gardens and the United Nations
IHTEC has ECOSOC status at the United Nations and actively supports UN initiatives such as the 'UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development' and the 'UN Water for Life' programs.  The UN flag appears regularly at  ISPG events around the world.Eric Schneider and Julia Morton-Marr holding the UNESCO banner presented to Eric for his 'Positive News Youth Views' PNYV program in Berlin, October 24, 2005.  Eric maintained the IHTEC website for many years prior to 2012.